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Write A Project Brief For Website Development

1. Contact Information

We guarantee complete confidentiality of the information provided about you and your activities.

2. Company Information

...if you have
For example:
For example: «Google», «Yahoo».
For example: «Web Shop», «Desighn studio», «Translating buro» & other.
For example: Just do it!
Describe in simple language what you do and what you offer, turning to your customers.
If you have to much products, write categories of products
What makes you different from competitors, what is your uniqueness?
Specify the contacts you want to display on the site

3. Target Group

4. Why do you Need a Website

5. Type of Site

Specify which type of site should be developed (this affects the project budget)

Business Site

These are 1-12 pages & few functionson, that fully describe the basic information about company, your services and how clients can communicate with you.

Landing Page

Marketing page with slide menu & 1-5 functions, containing information about the service or product, the transition to which is carried out by reference mainly from advertising.

News or Blog

Big interactive site with many categories, pages & tags for informing peoples. Look like a catalog of news or articles, with a search, publication dates or events.

Firm Catalog

Contains the most extensive information about the company's products or all companies in the industry. It is characterized by a capacious volume of pages, sections, categories, headings, etc.

Web Shop

Interactive site with a catalog in which goods and services are presented, as well as a basket for ordering.

Personal Project

This is the implementation of any non-standard web solutions in the field of design and functionality of the resource. Try to explain in a nutshell what you want - For example, an online store, but without a basket and registration, and the main pages are designed as landing pages!

Write your ideas if you select Personal project

6. Prototyping or Maketing

This is a preliminary scheme, the site is set out on paper or in electronic form.
Without a layout or a prototype, the development of a site will be more complicated or impossible.

7. Targets on Your Site

For example: the user must write us a letter (leave a request) through the feedback form, order goods in the store, order a call from the site.

8. Brand Book

9. Examples

It is best to specify examples of sites of companies operating in your field, in the absence of those - any other. Please do not forget to specify the main reasons for which particular examples fell into this list.

10. Colors for the Site

Color Scheme

You need Javascript & CSS to run this application.

11. Pictures and Photos

12. Animation

Which elements you want to animate (this affects the project budget)

13. Ideas

14. Pages of Site

Specify the pages that should be present on your site (this directly affects the final budget of the project)

Info pages:

Some Pages:

Web Shop Pages:

15. Functions of Site

Specify the functionality that should be present on your site (this directly affects the final budget of the project)

Base Functions:

Catalog & Web Shop Functions:

16. Site Languages

An additional language version is a complete copy (translation of the entire site) or a simplified version (translation of several separate pages)

17. Content Management

When we design the final structure of the site, a map of content will appear, under which customers usually write their own text, select and process photos, videos.

When it is difficult and even sometimes impossible to do within the company, we can do it for you, write about the needs and availability of finished materials.

Do you have unique texts for the site?
In order for your site to advance in search engines, it must have an author's text; if you want to copy someone else's text from another site, you need to rewrite it and check for uniqueness using the service

Do you have high-quality copyrighted images for the site?
We recommend using only images for which you have copyrights - you shot them yourself, painted them, bought them from a photographer or on a photo stock; images must be of good quality, processed in the same style

Do you have a video for the site?
Visitors like to watch a video, if it gives useful information, for example, lessons on how to use your instrument, or funny, then by distributing it you will get a viral effect.

18. Strategy & Advertising

19. Terms & Budget

Indicating or not the estimated budget in which you are ready to work with developers is up to you.

Without specifying it, you can win if the developer calls the cost lower, but you risk losing what the developer is willing to offer for the money that you are actually willing to pay.

By specifying an approximate cost, you give the developer the opportunity, without hesitating at once, to offer you solutions within the specified price framework, saving both parties time. In addition, the indication of the fork price does not cancel the need for the developer to justify the amount that he asks for his work.

20. Your Comments

Additional files

If necessary, upload additional files and documents to Google Drive and send us a link in this form.

Thank you for taking the questionnaire so seriously.

21. How did you know about us?

We will contact you to clarify details and start our work