Clean & Powerful Web Desighn

Business Website

This website is a business card for the company. Several pages contain basic information about the company, services, features with the possibility of feedback and order services!

Professional small business website

These are 1-12 pages & few functions, that fully describes the basic information about the company, your services and how clients can communicate with you. May contain additional pages with trading offers, promotions, and other information.

Case Specifications

Service name Price Availability
Integrated CMS 300€
Website technical support per month 120€
Site Web Administration per month 120€
Website SEO & Marketing Analysis 500€
Information blocks (e.g. about, reviews, etc.) 500€

Website design and website development are often used synonymously, but they’re two very different things. Website design is like working with an architect to create the blueprint for your house. Website development would be working with a contractor to actually build your house. (We can fully reflect your corporate style on the website that we will do for you. If this is not the case, we will gladly offer our design solutions!)

All Cases

Business Website

An informational or small business website with 1-12 pages & 1-3 functions.

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Landing Page

Long page with slide menu & 1-5 functions for getting leads.

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News or Blog

A big website with many categories, pages & tags for informing people.

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Firm Catalog

A big website with many pages & categories for big data sorting.

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Web Shop

A big or small website with pages, products, categories & sells.

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Your Project

We will make a personal project for you.

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