Clean & Powerful Web Desighn


Eventually, an update is required even for the most technological website. We will perform both surface reconstruction of the website and a complete upgrade with new software.

Website update and reconstruction

We will solve all arising problems with the software of your website. It often happens that when changing the company serving your website it is also necessary to change the main software since many companies use not widely distributed programs, but actually developed software, which complicates the further maintenance of the website. It also happens that you need to integrate functions not provided for by the originally installed software. We are ready to solve all these and more complex issues for you.

Case Specifications

Service name Price Availability
Integrated CMS 300€
Website technical support per month 120€
Site Web Administration per month 120€
Website SEO & Marketing Analysis 500€
Information blocks (e.g. about, reviews, etc.) 500€

All Cases

Business Website

An informational or small business website with 1-12 pages & 1-3 functions.

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Landing Page

Long page with slide menu & 1-5 functions for getting leads.

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News or Blog

A big website with many categories, pages & tags for informing people.

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Firm Catalog

A big website with many pages & categories for big data sorting.

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Web Shop

A big or small website with pages, products, categories & sells.

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Your Project

We will make a personal project for you.

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